Black Kites / Swallowed Up split LP

by Black Kites / Swallowed Up

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Pressing info:

300 on clear vinyl
200 on brown vinyl
5(?) test pressings


released January 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Hydrogen Man Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hydrogen Man Records is a small DIY punk and hardcore record label from Philadelphia, PA.

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Track Name: Swallowed Up - Jettison
There is no captain, there never was,
Jettison to the brackish blue,
I have given up the struggle,
I no longer have hope for dry land,
I spent too long waiting for death,
Year after year I let the water fill my lungs,
But arm over arm I will swim out of this undertow.
Track Name: Swallowed Up - Circle Is Another Word For Dead End
The compass is wrong, no direction is north,
I will just walk in circles forever,
knowing moving is the same as standing still,

Though the path is worn, it has brought me nowhere,
Just ghost town after ghost town,
Some new place to hang the same tired head,

Circle is just another word for dead end.
Track Name: Swallowed Up - The Process
Our hands are clenched and swollen,
With every knuckle broken,
Where words would once reside,
Only syllables are spoken,

We are as crippled as can be,
And we are armed to the teeth,
With words that we won't say,
And schools refuse to teach.
Track Name: Swallowed Up - It Keeps Me Up Nights
Quote by Louis-Ferdinand Céline from Journey To The End Of The Night:

“In the shadow of the slaughterhouse you don't speculate very much about your future, you think about loving in the days you have left. Because there is no other way of forgetting your body that's about to be skinned alive.”

An embarrassment to the living, a commoner among the dead.
Track Name: Swallowed Up - We Rend
Don't hang your head next to mine, though it is all over,
We tried dammit, and often we believed,
But it is getting cold, and I have forgotten how to pretend,
I will turn around and walk away,
Don't follow my footprints in the snow.
Track Name: Swallowed Up - Outro
Thank you my friend, for keeping my head above water,
I know I would have drowned without you.

Thank you my friends, for keeping my head above water,
I know I would have drowned without you.
Track Name: Black Kites - All The Wrong Places
We are slaves to feelings
Animals/for false hope
A cure for loneliness?
While we should fix ourselves we search forsomeone else
Temporary results flawed while taking what you get
Settling for complacency will leave us stagnant
While we lose all respect from those important
I deserve so much more
you deserve so much more
Track Name: Black Kites - 25
Married by age twenty five and/dead/by
the time that you've learned to live your/life/is
this what you wanted/Is this what you need?
I won't be content with a life of regrets
Life has become a race of who can die first
But I can't keep up. I wouldn't if I could
And I may hate this place but I'm not rushing to die
And this way of life will have you fall in line
With a standard that has left so many broken and worn out, taken before their time
Track Name: Black Kites - Costume
Similarities have hit too close
to home for me to feel comfortable
Why are we even screaming when we
have traits way too similar to what we claim
to hate
What sets us apart from their outside world
Why are we even screaming when we
have nothing/nothing left to say
Are we just what we claim
to be different from?
You could have fooled me with
same thoughts, different costume
I won't accept what we've become
Track Name: Black Kites - How Are You?
Possessions take possession
When we measure happiness in inches
Do you feel accomplishment?
How will you feel tomorrow?
Empty? Forgotten? Misused? Confused?
Useless? Depressed? Lied to? Mediocre at best
Track Name: Black Kites - Childhood Friends Grown Up
Rotting, lifeless human being
One step from an early grave
Steal from those you claim to love
Nothing matters anymore
So refresh my memory,
what am I missing out on?
"You've got to try this"
I'm fine with ignorance
Track Name: Black Kites - Body Parts
TOM: Am I condemned to repeat the mistakes
of my father before me?
And die alone
Are we body parts?
That accept this programming?
That accept this history?
I don't want this
i don't need this
Your history won't define me
Your history won't confine me

JEFF: Bloodline infect
Hatred, reject
I don't want this
I don't need this
Your history won't define me
Your history won't confine me
Track Name: Black Kites - Room To Grow
Try hard and maybe you'll have a decent future
Bullshit, you couldn't care less
You're in the wrong job
What, do you think they care
about you or your future?
This is a lesson in lowering self worth
No heart and no feelings, you have no purpose here
Why do you even bother just wasting time
when there are those with so much less
who deserve what you've got.
We all need room to grow
You've set this bar so low
No, thank you
for what you've done for my future
No, thank you
Nothing, just paid, while we're behind