Boroughs / Falter split 7"

by Boroughs / Falter

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Neither of these bands is what you think they are, and this is a hardcore / grind record of exceptional depth. In a genre where everyone seems to be clambering over each other to produce the most uniformly harsh release, both of these bands know that a truly pummeling record needs a range of approaches to stay engaging all the way through. The result is a collection of songs with no dead time, a terrifying monster with the range and complexity to keep our focus, afraid of what it might do if we turn our heads.

Split recording between BOROUGHS and FALTER Hydrogen Man Records. Limited to 300 on black vinyl with hand numbered jackets.


released March 27, 2015

Boroughs: recorded in July 2014 with Steve Roche at permanent hearing damage in philadelphia, PA. Mastered by Carl Saff.

Falter: Recorded in September 2014 with Matt Russell at Wall to Wall recording in Chicago, Il. Mastered by Carl Saff.

Cover artwork and layout by Andrew McQuiston. This is Hydrogen Man Records catalog no. 15. For more info visit


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Hydrogen Man Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hydrogen Man Records is a small DIY punk and hardcore record label from Philadelphia, PA.

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Track Name: Boroughs - If A Tree Falls
This is the clear cut we need when a mountain is covered in trees; And we have an axe to grind. Tell me does it even make a sound when your mother cries from abuse. We burn the hand of her violent man.
Track Name: Boroughs - 321123
Whittle away until there's nothing left. Fade to white and black again. The shape of things does not reveal until the rain has dried. Hot blades on soft flesh will end this once and for all. Confess your sins and pay the man who won't see again until the rain begins.
Track Name: Boroughs - The Words Written In Flame
My voice doesn't carry as far as I want, so I drop my words on sheets. Follow the sounds to the center of town. Black and red for the blood of angry ones to orange glow where it all begins and ends.
Track Name: Boroughs - In The Vision, A Blank Spot
The cracks in the ice don't sound bad from here, skating high above the rest. The ice will break! Can you hear me scream from the reservoir sand, "your lives are in your hands. "
Track Name: Boroughs - Awake In Spring
I can't see the sun below the horizon. Twilight strangles the earth in silhouette. Now I won't be going home.
Track Name: Boroughs - Stutter
Biting my words but they don't even reach my mouth. Trying to catch my breath, talking in circles and circling my grave. I'm dying to know what I'm trying to say.
Track Name: Boroughs - Poor Crazy Richard
Old man thinks for a second, asking why. I think it sounds like rain. I could but wrong, that's just the way it is. Old man thinks for a second. It sounds so quiet. Old man dies saying this isn't what we wanted.
Track Name: Boroughs - Thps2
I love this place where I stand. It's my home. It had been for so long and will be forever. The moving pictures brought me to you, and i can't get you out of my veins.
Track Name: Falter - Suffer
You're the reason that they suffer
It doesn't stop when you look away
Horrendous pain and you hold the knife
You choose to slaughter
You choose to maim
You choose to rape
You perpetuate
An endless cycle of
Disgusting torture
Track Name: Falter - Failure
If I give up now I'll accomplish what I'm worth
I am nothing
Why even try when I've only ever failed
I'm sorry I can't succeed. I have no purpose
If I give up now I'll accomplish what I'm worth
Nothing. Useless failure
I am nothing
Track Name: Falter - I
I'm not okay. I feel fucked up. Miserable. Lost. Out of touch. Vulnerable. I want to leave. They say it gets better. Not for me.
Track Name: Falter - Born Wrong
Can't connect with anyone
Disconnect with myself
Mind races in my sleep
No escape. No relief
Whirlwind of confusing thoughts
No direction. Fucking lost
Endless nightmare
Do you know what it's like
Living every day
Not knowing what's wrong with you
Having no one to relate
Endless nightmare
I can't wake up
I was born wrong
There's no place for me