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Hydrogen Man Records is excited to announce the upcoming release of the discography cassette for Philadelphia’s CALLOW. Callow made a name for themselves around Philly over a couple years playing a high energy, desperate and emotionally earnest style of hardcore with a maturity that belies the young age of the band members. Between their split with Jungbluth, their EP Disappear Here, and a couple of other small cassette releases, this collection of songs showcases their dynamic, broad ranging songwriting, at times quiet and delicate, at others so loud it’s like a bomb going off.

Featuring "Tomorrow Is Ours" and "Callow," two unreleased songs recorded this past summer at Godcity, the cassette includes 13 total songs and is limited to a one-time pressing of 50. Pre-order is available now, and the full release can also be found on Spotify and iTunes. Orders will ship in April.


released March 1, 2019

Callow is, was, and forever will be:

Tim Altieri
Anthony Perillo
John T. Sepa
Mike Van Buren
Michael J. Walsh
Zach Weeks
David Zisser

All recordings remixed and remastered by Zach Weeks and Steve Roche in winter 2018.

Artwork by Hugues Pzzl.


all rights reserved



Hydrogen Man Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hydrogen Man Records is a small DIY punk and hardcore record label from Philadelphia, PA.

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Track Name: This Dissonance
Still struggling to persevere through the darkness. Still trying to find some semblance of brightness. Oh, this dissonance. We’re all sick of feeling numb and being shakingly overcome by bad news. I’ve seen the crippling fear in their eyes, and they’ve seen the same in mine. Scared to death of death as it undresses in front of us. Oh, this dissonance. Why do we do this to one another? I’ve had enough. We’ve had enough. Our lives are personal, but the battles we face don’t have to be irreversible. You can’t win a war on your own, so become the fearless soldier and fucking reach out to each other.
Track Name: Bildungsroman
Led by our imaginations, there was never a set destination. We etched our names into concrete, forever cementing a part of our identities. I sometimes reminisce about the past, when creativity was within our fingertips. Do you? With unknown intentions, they came at our throats to ring out our voices. We’ve been stripped of the colors that once made us shine. They have molded us to live black and white lives.
Track Name: Dead End Kids
There is a storm within my body that shakes my organs. The eye of it swallows everyone and everything I have tried to become. That is no one. I am and forever will be a dead end kid. We are and forever will be dead end kids, a dying breed of a dead end world.

But not “dead” / Taking in exhaust / Because of limits crossed / Arm's length, then led astray / Between humanity and its decay / Two decades of a dream / With no room left to breathe / We’re either all ourselves or not at all / One of the unseen / Waiting to be redeemed / Stranded in between / Fuck it all / We are free
Track Name: On Reflection
I take the lost road home because this feeling, never leaving, has taken its toll. What is familiar will only take us so far, and now it's my time to turn – to learn and move on. Except I writhe at the thought of being on my own, without a family or a familiar place to go. I look in the mirror for a way around. My bones are protruding, goddamn sticking out. I know the answers must be buried deep within my ribs. I just still have not found some sort of resolution.
Track Name: Awake
Wake up in a cold bed. Wipe the ripe sweat from the pillow. Try to piece together prior days, only to realize you made no mistakes. If that’s the case, then why does it feel like our lives are slipping away? Were we simply born to think this way? I need to disappear. I need to escape.
Track Name: Light
I did all that I knew and turned my head above to find something my mind could finally rest on. I thought I’d find a sign or two in seeking out the sun or the moon, but I was caved and trapped in by a foundation finished on brick and mortar. The walls I saw were white. Where was the light? There was nothing bright enough to shine me a path, so I broke down and found my own.
Track Name: Convict Code
Tomorrow never showed its face. Instead, that notion became five long days of waiting. With a young patient, I’d watch from a window as the day passed by. From a distance, the image of his shackled home reminded him of childhood. Years later, why were we confined and not freely roaming like we once did outside? Was this a sign that our innocence had died? I was told there was no need to fight such uncertainty anymore because when we left, I’d never again have to walk alone.
Track Name: Understudies
When did our youth fade to nothingness? Where were you during all of this? How could I ever have lost my sense of self? I remember dreaming of a world without me in it at an early age. These days, I often dream the same. As I watched on at the burial, seeing every reaction shook me up. Their accumulative fear, enough to scare a ghost away, choked me up. The collective love in the air, ever so true. The scene was so real. I’ll never forget the look on his face as he stared down at my grave, head low but grinning. He knew I had tried my best.
Track Name: Asleep
In my return to the ghost town, I think I focused more on the skyline than you, noticed “I couldn’t feel the full moon’s love.” Was it because you were hiding it “in case some premature reflection of the sun might have come?” Maybe you were “too afraid I’d take it in with that summer’s sweat.” And so I did, but you didn’t know that yet. It seems we’re all falling to the middle of the street, begging for anything to put us to sleep, to take us anywhere but here. This can’t be all there is. I won’t let go, as long as my eyes can stay open for the start of a new day. I’m afraid of the future, yet so satisfied to know that we can continue to breathe. We will never let go.