Dying / Less Life split LP

by Dying / Less Life

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Split LP between DYING from Philadelphia, PA and LESS LIFE from New Brunswick, NJ. Two sides (14 songs) of aggressive, desperate, weary and miserable hardcore with lyrics ranging from isolation and hopelessness to animal and earth liberation. 300 copies pressed on white 150 gram vinyl, housed in screen printed jackets and hand numbered.


DYING side recorded by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage in Philadelphia, PA in September 2012.

LESS LIFE side recorded by Joe Delaqulla at Exeter Studios in New Jersey.

Design and layout by Andrew McQuiston.



Pressing info:

300 on white 150 gram vinyl
10 test pressings


released November 8, 2013


all rights reserved



Hydrogen Man Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hydrogen Man Records is a small DIY punk and hardcore record label from Philadelphia, PA.

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Track Name: Dying - Quitter
Contemplating failures that have scratched at my brow for 23 years; I surrender my ambition to atmosphere encased in disregard.

Too much time bent on resolve; too much time spent on nothing at all.

What’s the point in effort when the air is heavy with futility? Our bloated bodies wading through the wake of

What’s the point in waking
life when sleep gives no release? Pacifying contentious thought to ease the closing
of our eyes.

There’s no real reason to carry on any charade for levity.
I’m guessing at conclusions that never made any sense to me.

I reject this cursed life that never accepted me.

Track Name: Dying - Bliss Reject
The jarring awareness and poor attempts at understanding leaves me with this: Life’s unwavering weight offers no reprieve I’m not ducking under / I’m bowing out, going home, turning in. I’m letting go. It’s not surrender if it happens anyway / It’s not losing if the results are the same. Bliss reject.
Track Name: Dying - Dropout
Your despicable character. Your lack of integrity betrays your vapid image. I’m not on your side. Compliance and ignorance / Doesn’t bind me with your callous nature / You call yourself a harbinger of truth - a family. Fuck your misogynist mouth / Spit on the face that you save / Condemn your unified thought / Curse your empty words. Homogenous gang of fools / I despise every predator / Homophobic slurs for every tongue / Lecherous horde of senseless creeps / traded ideals for a frivolous crutch / masturbatory narcissists / god damn your culture of trivialities/ god damn your everything. A clear mind is worthless when carried in the body of a bastard. I’m not a part of your family and I share nothing with any of you.
Track Name: Dying - Lonely Parallax
To see with a reasonable mind the conditional end of instilled, secured disparity;
A perspective so gracious enough to find everywhere but me.

Days from my youth of fantastical and speculatory desire gone from my vision.

The absence - The mediocre capsize.

Drive no longer intended, ambition no longer recognized.
Not yearning, not longing. Lacking. Withheld.

I’m no candidate for empathy or gentle hands. Nothing to understand - nothing to wait for. A void in which I reside.
The place compassion does not find.
Track Name: Less Life - To Be Guided By Faith Is To Be Misled
an expansion of control festering on the ill definition of morality
baited breaths of our repression manifesting a blight of closed minded
we are the victims of lies perpetrated for oppression
force fed stories of eternal happiness
free of fear
Track Name: Less Life - Canary In A Coal Mine
we are running and running and running taking everything and everything
an imaginary right to exist bearing the fruit of progression
the luxuries of civilized beings spending with both hands
will it be too late when we find
our food is unfit to eat our water is unfit to drink?
Track Name: Less Life - It Is Just Time To Go, Man
i have come to grips with how out of place i am
alien in my words and actions so fucking angry at isolation
i have come to grips with how out of place i am
a fucking failure today with no hope for tomorrow
and i scream we all scream
but how i know oh how i know
i have wasted this fucking life with every breath passing
i have wasted this fucking life trapped in humanity
i don’t want to do this alone
and i should have never had to do this alone
on my knees beaten and broken
begging for more
i won’t let this be the end
Track Name: Less Life - The Best Is Yet To Come…
disadvantages of time
damage is done
the course has been set our arrival is predetermined
the silent genocide of our sole provider
the course has been set an industrial collapse is inevitable
the industrial collapse is inevitable our arrival is predetermined
temperate cycles impossible to restore
the gluttony of our culture
taking and taking we have taken too much
Track Name: Less Life - More Garden Less State
living through a war but the lines in the sand are not clear
gray areas for gray cultures where action becomes necessary
in the gray its defined as terror i call it justice
it is like a bad dream but when i woke up
the traitors were still here the traitors are still here
hiding in court rooms and living in cells scared of what’s to come
silently condemned
hiding in court rooms and living in cells from eyes in the skies
it is like a bad dream but when i woke up
the traitors were still here the traitors are still here
Track Name: Less Life - He Who Shall Not Be Named
we don’t even know what we are saying yet it is so important to be heard
i can’t understand the separation of words from definition
no need to take responsibility for the cause and the effect
intention is secondary habit is primary
no need to question
this has never been an issue of censorship or agenda
vernacular is directly tied to oppression
Track Name: Less Life - Only When It Rains
the driving belief in our superiority that we are indeed special
destine to make this world a better place a thinking disorder
the accelerated disconnect from the planet that sustains us
the illogical desire to separate from all that is natural
economy over environment
we have replaced every crumb
we have ever needed hand made
over produced hand made
over produced and dying
and were dying
Track Name: Less Life - I Do Not Identify Myself Worth With My Work
living in disgust of a concrete world a desolate and hard culture
breeding vapid tales of capital gain
living in disgust of a concrete world a desolate and hard culture
regulating life how can this stand
restrictions of life how can this stand
the desperation of sentient life
no control take control
as society grows i disconnect
this won’t stand
Track Name: Less Life - The Walk To Work
as i breathe the autumn air today so thankful for the chance to feel these things
to have the senses all in line experience the simple moments that i have
even the pain that lets me know that i'm alive is like a gift, like a memoir,a contribution
all the strife was just desire killing me smothering my chance to take an easy breathe
and there's no doubt the solutions will never be that simple
when there's a world of oppressed and oppressors
when there's reward in the act of manipulation there can be no collective sigh of truth for us all
is there a difference between claiming apathy
and accepting the presence of certain staggering inconsistencies
i maintain my gratitude to be given the chance to live
which should only reinforce my will to try my best to fight this nature
some have no choice but to embrace this but survival shouldn't be so deadly
the destructive side of human nature that lives inside us in our nightmares
when it's the end, it's the end