False Healer

by Of Feather and Bone

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Originally released as a EP cassette by the Outlast Records, this is the first time this record appears on vinyl. OF FEATHER AND BONE present a crushing assault of dark hardcore, backed by guitar flourishes, pissed lyrics, and an unforgiving intensity. The LP features six songs of crust influenced hardcore in roughly 15 minutes. All remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (NAILS, DEAD IN THE DIRT, ALL PIGS MUST DIE).

"False Healer" is limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl with screen printed B-sides. New cover artwork by Dylan Garrett Smith (www.dylangarrettsmith.com)

Order one side 12" EP now at hydrogenman.storenvy.com/products/10005814-of-feather-and-bone-false-healer-12


released October 12, 2014

Recorded with Andy Patterson. Mastered by Audiosiege. Originally released on cassette by Outlast Records in November, 2012.


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Hydrogen Man Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hydrogen Man Records is a small DIY punk and hardcore record label from Philadelphia, PA.

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Track Name: Pestilence
Plagued...youre all that I hate
Death...is what I await
Bow your head and clip your wings, youre just a pile of feather and bone.
Undeserving of everything around you. Given so much, never give in return.
Take what you want, destroy everything thats left.
Fucking parasites feed on all that is life.
You dont possess the compassion to know, that you deserve this gift to breathe.
I await every single day the moment that you waste away.
Im fed up with all that you are. My heart has nothing to give.
Ive grown cold to any life. Youre all that I hate.
The flesh of decay and filth.
The mindset of claim and burn.
You are the scourge of my life.
Rid you from this earth.
No compassion for all your kind.
No understanding your cries for help.
You left me, I leave you now.
Rid your life from this earth.
You'll be gone
From this earth
No one to, blame but you.
Track Name: Burdened
Left alone, the lost are scared and desperate for more.
Young, afraid, alone with nothing, the darkness of thought.
Turn, our backs, from desperate cries searching for something more.
Youth, burdened, you tell them they're wrong they'll show you something else.
Burdened Youth, the product of your turned eyed worries.
Led Astray, by you.
Accusations quickly thrown at everyone but yourselves.
Dark reflections show to all as clear as any day.
Children fed to one another, unrest every single day passed.
The innocent now the hunted. Welcome to your reality.
Beaten. Blackened. Abandoned. Burdened.
Beaten down to the bloody end of life.
A blackened being that has nothing left to lose.
Abandon all that you said you really loved.
The burdened and the lost hunt to oblivion.
No More.
Track Name: Borrowed Existence
Born to believe everything around you its yours for the keep.
Cut from the womb a disease is formed, the ruiner of life.
This, your borrowed existence. Fall, and burn your whole life.
Leave you all behind.
Why cant you see, you're the main fear.
Fear, all that you breed, dead, burden of life.
Sever, ourselves from your ties.
No longer, a part of your kind.
The screaming cries of the helpless rot, while you sit safe inside.
Ears deafened and eye blinded because of the atrocities you hide.
No more excuse for your life.
This your borrowed existence is mine to burn down.
Track Name: False Healer
Tell me all that you need.
It helps make you feel more.
All that good that you've ever done benefits everything you want.
You try to tell me you're here for me until you lose interest in everything.
Your words are dead to me.
The look you have kills me, all of me.
You say you're through, but whats that really mean?
Not yours to abandon, im not yours anymore.
False Healer.
My hurt means nothing to you, your pain is all that matters in this.
Track Name: Your Truth Means Nothing
Sick and tired of hearing how you feel inside.
Your bullshit past and current hurt of all the lies.
A lended ear, concerned eyes, a consolation smile.
These are what I give to you, I couldn't care any less.
You mean nothing.
Dead to me.
Done, no more chances.
I'm gone, suffer all alone.
Done, no more games,
I'm gone, suffer on your own.
Your truth means nothing.
Nothing more, to me.
Now you see, what you've done.
Your lies can't be fed to anyone else.
Track Name: Hollow
Scapegoat. Liar. No. More.
Now you stand there all alone, expecting something more from me.
You can never handle what you see so you point your finger because its so fucking easy.
Fall, on your own. Fall, weigh me down.
Failure. This blood is on your hands.
No, more, Im not your scape goat.
No, more, you cant keep blaming me.
Not anymore, Dead Cold.
You're beating me repeatedly into the ground which we once walked.
I can't stand who I am anymore because of you.
You lie and lie to everyone to get some sort of pity.
I know the truth, youre really worthless, little rain cloud of deceit.
This is the end. No more lies.
The truth comes for us all.