Shallow Words Crashing Down On Deaf Ears

by Counter

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released March 31, 2015

Recorded by Matt Whitson at Magnetic Audio in August of 2014.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.
Art by Garrett Smith of Social Cancer Records.


Pressing info:
50 red pro-printed cassettes


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Hydrogen Man Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hydrogen Man Records is a small DIY punk and hardcore record label from Philadelphia, PA.

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Track Name: Carcass of Eden
who will answer for the desolation
of the earth and it's multitude
humanity devoured, man turned vulture
at the carcass of innocence

like dogs begging for scraps
the ritual of the damned to buy and
to bleed their weary hearts dry
a culture of decay's demise

anything to gain profit
anything to further the cause
of imminent destruction of the world

nailing themselves to their cross
no sympathy, for the annihilation of the guilty

the masses suffer in silence
in martyr's blood and futility
at the hands of heartless fools
few still stand

i will not be a slave
absence of light
perpetual white noise
my soul is void
Track Name: Testament of Affliction
a light in the dark I could never see
no validation for the grief endured by the true
these pillars of my faith have not stood the test of time
and my head still hangs from the same god damn noose

that binds you and i as sacrificial souls
to the primordial savagery of mankind
what has been written cannot be undone
still I wear this x branded into my flesh

this foundation eroded by rites of passage
what has given me life has also bled me dry
salvation found at the end of a rope
free me from the burden of my mortality

a testament of affliction
a lament written in stone
born to suffer in the light
until we are weathered to dust

damnation at hand
let it fucking die
Track Name: Hollow Men
every man a self-made martyr, a monument to petty pride
every liar rehearsing a chorus of mindless dissent

stagnant lines recited in numbing unison. intentions sacrificed.
shallow words crashing down on deaf ears.

i've stood witness to your falsehood.
seen the flame burn out in others.
in hollow minds and hearts of stone.

how long will you advocate your convictions,
before you're called to act upon your beliefs?
when the convenience fades where the fuck will you stand?
on the edge of a knife or in the mold you've set?

break the mold.

you're worthless
a shell of who you were
cash in on your imitation
in time you will waste away

Track Name: Choke
one too many times i've bitten my tongue in the face of malice.
let blood run red between my teeth while waiting for justice.
i've prayed for judgement to break your fucking neck.


coward. answer for your crimes.
answer for your sins. coward.

suffer at my hand.
blood spilled for blood.
your life forfeit.
no hope.
no redemption.
no saving grace.
choke on your words.

this is a promise. retaliation.