Your Mess As Much As Mine

by Oak

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"Your Mess as Much as Mine" by Swedish hardcore band Oak bridges the gap between hardcore and screamo to create a truly furious feeling record with a modern sound. The five tracks span 17 minutes, channeling emotions ranging from anger and grief to melancholy. Since their self-titled debut album they've developed musically towards a heavier sound, drawing on influences such as Converge and Botch, while at the same time making room for more nuance and dynamics, pulling from metal and nineties hardcore. The result is a powerful and cohesive mix of genres, developed into a chaotic storm of heavy, post-hardcore.

FFO: Botch, Nails, Converge

Co-released with State of Mind Recordings (US), Wooaaargh (EU), and Truthseeker Music (UK).

200 black
100 white w/black marble
100 blood red w/ black marble


released January 28, 2017

All music and lyrics written by Oak
Alexander Ryden, Carl Hugosson, Robin Eklånge

Recorded and mixed by Ulf Blomberg at Hoborec
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige
Artwork by Carl Hugosson


all rights reserved



Hydrogen Man Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hydrogen Man Records is a small DIY punk and hardcore record label from Philadelphia, PA.

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Track Name: Broken Bodied
Spinning, I'm spinning
out of breath
My lungs are too small
My windpipe is an inch too narrow

My mind's a nest
I am lost, paralyzed, or both

There's a lump in my throat
Like when you've cried for hours
But I'm not crying
I wish I was

My body is weak
Just a crooked figure
I wish you were here
Just to hold me
Almost as much as
I wish you never saw me this way

I've been down this road before
I know how the story goes
It's too bright and my eyes are hurting
I am shaking and I can't work this out

This is what I live with
What I have to power through
I am broken, without reason
It's just how I am
Track Name: Garden
You've spent your life growing your garden
And building fences to keep safe
Nurturing hope in the back of your head

You've tried your best to reach out
Sometimes falling
Sometimes failing
But chasing time to find pause
Sometimes falling
Most times failing

Waiting for the day
When everything will flourish
That day when fences won't be needed

I know you've tried almost everything
I know that nothing really worked
I believe that the comforts you are turning to
Will be as worthless as the old

They will sink like stones and burn like bridges
Leaving you bare-knuckled and needing
To love and care for your lonely garden
To grow and build your new regrets
Track Name: For Better or Worse
I don't have all the answers
This is your mess as much as mine
I just try to keep it together
Try to keep us both alive

Yes I have stumbled
I have failed and fallen apart
You haven't been there every time
I haven't always pushed you away

You left, please try to remember
How you sat there as I lost my mind

I pictured both sickness and health
I pictured for better or worse

Happily ever after
Our home is falling apart
But as we try to quench the flames
We find ourselves knee deep in ashes

You left, you don't remember
How you sat there as I lost my mind

It is a tangle of lies
But this might still hold true

From that day and onward
Only death will do us part
Track Name: Elsewhere
Days pass by like bare hills
Outside this trainwreck window
Glaring back as we are racing through

Conversation barely lasted
Through the first time thrill
And I pray for distraction
To take us all the way home

I know I am elsewhere
Trying to stay occupied
I know you look right through me
And pretend like it's fine

I think I've lost my voice
I can't hear my thoughts
Through this crowd
And though you read my lips
I'd rather you read my mind
Track Name: Family and Friends
He kept himself alive
So that others might not miss him
His family and friends
Kept at healthy distance

He let them in at times
To ponder hopeless questions
And at those times all he wanted
Was to never be forgotten

But forever is a long time
Without a will to live
And if there is one thing
Worse than failure
It’s falling in between

And that is what my life’s been
Always in between
Not knowing what to fight for
Not knowing what to be

My mind has set a course
And my heart just tries to follow
But in the end I just seem
To be walking around in circles

We keep ourselves alive
Try to stay numb, and not feeling
Our thoughts of what could be
Kept at farthest distance

We let our loved ones close
And hope they might see through us
Because all we wish for
Is not to be forgotten