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Frailty and strength, rooted definitions of discrimination
Defined by what’s between our legs, reduced to body and flesh

Gender is power / Controlled and belittled
Shift is progress / Your traditions need to be put to rest

Why was I taught that I was the one?
When one is not born a woman, but becomes one
One is not born a chauvinist pig, I'd rather die than be one

I wouldn’t dare to walk in those shoes
If these are your standards
I am not a man and I’m nothing like you

We’ve been fed this narrative for far too long
And I’m sick of playing this game.

Let's try to change the world for those who refuse to
We’re going to change this world no matter what they want

Blinded by crosses and dollar signs
If I despise what they’re selling
Then why am I buying?

Systematic domination, organized submission
I am guilty / we are guilty
Of perpetuating an archaic system of oppression

Pre-defined gender for a pre-defined life

We need to deprogram ourselves
Unlearn / For Equality
Unlearn / For Justice
Learn / To take a step back



There’s a lot to be said about straight white men speaking about sexism in a male-dominated scene; but it is imperative that we, as men, realize and take into account how our privilege keeps enforcing the status quo and contributes to gender inequality. We’ve been told since birth that we have value and that our needs need to be fulfilled, while women have to prove their worth on a daily basis and are told they are here to fulfill men’s needs. While unfair gender roles are placed on every gender, there is an undeniable imbalance that is still to this day not fully recognized and accepted by most. Whether or not you consider yourself “an ally”, “a feminist”, or “a good guy”, you are still part of a system that marginalizes women and other groups. We can never really remove ourselves from the privilege of our gender, but understanding and assuming responsibility regarding how our general behavior weights in the balance is pivotal in moving forward towards gender equality. Men have dominated the conversation for far too long on this issue, and it is time we contribute in taking apart the institutionalized power struggle exerted on women in our society.


from Ordinary Violence, released October 21, 2016


all rights reserved



Hydrogen Man Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hydrogen Man Records is a small DIY punk and hardcore record label from Philadelphia, PA.

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